A Fairly Recent Addition To The Truck Camper Marketplace Is The Harvest Hosts Camper

A Fairly Recent Addition To The Truck Camper Marketplace Is The Harvest Hosts Camper

This particular vehicle was designed to be as mobile as possible, and is used by farm workers and others who need to travel long distances and in extreme weather conditions. Like all truck camper conversions, there are many pros and cons to owning this type of vehicle.

The cost of a Harvest Host is about twice the price of a traditional van camper. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying. The Harvest Hosts camper offers a unique look and its capacity to completely transform into a much larger home is really cool. It can carry up to five people, which means you have more room to go out and get things done!

The biggest problem with the Harvest Hosts camper is the safety aspect. Since the vehicle has no seats, drivers are stuck with no protection from rear-end accidents.This makes it unsafe to use at times of heavy traffic or on roads best class c rv with dangerous curves. Some people even find the enclosed space somewhat claustrophobic. If you’re going to take this camper on trips to far off places like the beach, you may want to invest in some custom seating so you have enough room to relax on the ride home.

Another downside to the Harvest Hosts is the fact that it doesn’t have a stove or refrigerator. You have to rely on whatever cooking items are in the bed of the camper to keep your foods cold. Though it might be okay to use for camping, you might find yourself reaching for some kind of ice box before you reach the beach!

The biggest plus side to owning a Harvest Host is the fact that it makes a great truck camper! There’s nothing stopping you from using this truck camper for camping and traveling as a van. You can also use it as a truck camper when on the road or on a cross country trip. Its flexible design allows you to maneuver the camper with ease.

There are many different models of this particular camper available. There are full and half-door models available, as well as beds that fold. Depending on how you plan to use the camper, there is sure to be a model to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a truck camper for camping or even as a fan, you should definitely consider the Harvest Hosts. It has a look that’s unique and highly functional. Plus, you can use it for other purposes too. It can double as a mobile office or as a guest home for those extended camping trips.

You can find the Harvest Hosts on the internet, or even locally in a lot of outdoor gear shops. Its available in most sizes and styles and most likely will not cost much money to buy. Check the sizes and prices first, but if you want something really unique, this could be the truck camper for you!

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