Pole Anchor

PART# APA    TUBE LTH:10"    TUBE I.D: 1 3/4""    MOUNT PLATE: 4" X 10"     INCL: 4 EA 1/4 X 2 1/2"SS    BOLTS/ NUTS

  The Pole Anchor is used to anchor or stake out your boat using existing push poles. The Pole Anchor is constructed of a heavy duty, black anodized aluminum plate and tube, with a PVC liner. Stainless steel bolts and nuts to attach the Pole Anchor to your boat's transom are supplied. The Pole Anchor will accept all 1 1/2" or smaller diameter push poles.
  Once you have determined the location where you wish to anchor; stop your boat, insert your push pole into the Pole Anchor tube. Shove the pole into the bottom firmly to hold the boat steady in that position. The boat will pivot around the pole in alignment with the wind and/or current. Remove the pole from the Pole Anchor to relocate or to run the boat.
The Pole Anchor does essentially what the expensive "Power Pole" does at a fraction of the cost.
Strong currents or wind conditions can put extreme pressure on your push pole while in the Pole Anchor. If these conditions exist, damage or breakage of the pole could occur. We are not responsible for any damages incurred under any conditions. We can supply a lower cost stake out pole that may be used with or without the Pole Anchor. Use of the stake out pole will prevent possible damage to your more expensive pole.
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