What A Time To Be Alive

What A Time To Be Alive

Tiff’s Treats has introduced College Station’s biggest and best fall flavors of desserts that are the perfect combination of decadent tastes and sweet flavors.

Tiff’s is serving up delicious desserts, from mocha macaroons to chocolate truffles, all made with specialty milk products. Tiff’s has been known for delicious treats for years, but that hasn’t stopped them from innovating their menus.Tiff’s treats have some pretty exotic 77840 names too, like fall berry, nutmeg cookies, licorice gingerbread cake, and maple walnut brûlée.

For their Texas favorites, they’re including their famous maple walnut brûlée.If you’re craving blaze pizza something light and fluffy, this is the dessert to satisfy you. It’s made with a simple yet delectable mixture of maple syrup, walnuts, almond milk, vanilla, sugar, and cream. There are so many different variations of this rich and delicious treat that it is hard to pick just one.

For their Chocolate Macaroons, the Texas desserts company is serving up Hazelnut Macaroons and Hazelnut Crumble Macaroons.The Walnut and Cocoa College Station Macaroons have simple but delightful ingredients.They use only real chocolate chips, and the United States of America hazelnut flavor comes from real roasted hazelnuts. Some other flavors on the Texas side include the Pumpkin Spice Mocha Macaroons, Cinnamon Macaroons, and the Spiced Lemon Spice Macaroons.

Of course, there’s nothing like 170 Century Square Dr. #150 the famous Tiff’s Treats Pumpkin Spice Macaroons, a delightfully delectable treat for all the fall snacks. A simple topping of pumpkin puree and fresh cream is all that is needed to make this irresistible treat.Other flavors that are featured at Tiff’s include: Maple Texas Bacon Macaroons, Chocolate Brownie Macaroons, ChocolateLatte Macaroons, and the Triple Chocolate Macaroons. Buttery and warm, these are sure to become your favorite Fall favorites.

Speaking of favorite Fall favorites, those that are from 979.559.9382 Texas are wonderful. There are Coconut Hazelnut Cream Pies, Apple Gingerbread Delights, and Mint Oreo Tartlets. These are sure to please the palates of any autumn lover. These are no doubt Tiff’s favorites.

Tiff’s treats are


one of the best selections out there. Their offerings from around the country might be considered to be a little less extraordinary, but their fall offerings definitely warrant a mention

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